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Yearn Cash seeks to be the cryptocurrency by the people and for the people. Our intention is to be adopted for use as a peer-to peer (P2P) payment system, which gives the power back to the people as well as solves real world problems that are faced daily. Yearn Cash is an ERC-20 Token, which are blockchain-based assets that have value and can be received and sent. ERC-20 tokens reside on the Ethereum blockchain. Another key benefit of Yearn Cash is that it uses the latest technological advances such as Defi and is completely open to integration of future industry developments, such as sharding and quantic tech amongst other future developments.
Far from just another mobile cryptocurrency wallet application. Through our underlying technology and partnerships, yEARN Wallet will enable businesses in under-banked, highly regulated industry’s to break free from the burdens that prevent them from access to standard banking products.  Yearn Cash is a P2P - ERC20 token created with the intention of giving the power back to the people. As the native token in the wallet, users can be paid rewards and referrals in Yearn Cash. YFIC will also be used to power the cryptocurrency casino / sportsbook features in the wallet. Through our unique partnership positioning, we’ll even have the ability to implement Yearn Cash as a means of transacting on the retail level.

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YFIC (Yearn Cash) has a total supply of 35,000 tokens and there will not be any more ever created. The team owns more than 65% of the supply. YFIC has passed a token security assessment performed by Solidity. YFIC is approved by a 9-member multi-signature wallet. Changes must be signed by 6 out of the 9 wallet signers in order to be implemented. The members of the multi-signature wallet were voted in by YFIC holders and are subject to change from future governance votes.


YFIC (Yearn Cash) has partnered with yEARN Wallet to power the Wallet’s Crypto Gaming platform. The wallet will allow you to earn YFIC rewards for completing challenges and playing the “in wallet” casino. yEARN Wallet is far from just another Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet Application to store, stake, swap, etc. The yEARN Wallet will be taking it to an entirely new level by incorporating a Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Things (IOT) Platform specifically designed for the End-to-End Industrial Supply Chain to improve the transparency, safety, security, traceability, and throughput. We accomplish this through a two-layer blockchain design, proof of authority based smart contracts integrated through ChainLink’s Oracles and consensus design


YFIC (Yearn Cash) has been created by the people for the people. YFIC will be used as a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system that takes the power away from large financial institutions and gives the power back to the people. Imagine banking with no intermediary, no fees, instant transactions, and no paying for unnecessary services. YFIC is a more convenient and efficient payment system with faster payment settlement, as well as a way for merchants to receive money without the need of a third party. This creates a way for businesses and individuals to accept payment without high transaction fees. Our goal is to be able to transfer money across the globe with low fees and simple payment solutions, thus giving people complete control of their money. Our P2P payment system is built on the latest technology and can be used on many industries.


YFIC (Yearn Cash) will be a payment option while utilizing the "in wallet" casino and sports book that will allow users to receive alternative methods of winning just by using the YFIC token. This will be one of the first and only wallets that will allow the user to have so much right at their fingertips.


YFIC (Yearn Cash) will offer a wide array of staking options. Staking YFIC directly within the yEARN wallet will allow you to lock your YFIC holdings to receive rewards such as additional YFIC and will be looking at allowing other ERC-20 tokens to be staked as well.


YFIC (Yearn Cash) can be rewarded for referring new users to the platform or by simply just holding a certain amount of the YFIC token. YFIC will incentivize users to use YFIC with great bonuses and discount over other coins. By holding the YFIC token and utilizing the yEARN wallet the rewards will change as we continue to grow.

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